Ottawa Dancers Blogletter – Back to Classes!

Back to Classes! At this time of year we often start see advertisements for back to school deals and start to think what kind of classes should I take and/or try this year.  Students and teachers alike start prepping for the upcoming fall classes to begin and dance students/teachers are no different.  For myself, I … Continue reading Ottawa Dancers Blogletter – Back to Classes!

Ottawa Dancer’s Blogletter – 2018/07/02

Self Summer Practice Although there are some classes and some workshops available over the summer, sometimes we still can’t fit it into our schedule and/or we’re enjoying some vacation time with the friends/family.  This is where self practice is a great way to keep moving and not lose the moves you’ve learnt so far from … Continue reading Ottawa Dancer’s Blogletter – 2018/07/02

Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/22

Sssshhhh!  Backstage Tips for Dancers Waiting in the Wings. Whether it’s a student show and/or a more professionally focused show dancers, seasoned and new dancers alike are always excited to have the opportunity to dance and show off their hard work and costumes.  Shows are also a time for dancers to meet up with fellow … Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/22