Get your Dance on!

The summer is in full swing and although there are fewer classes happening around town during the summer, it doesn’t mean that the dancing stops.  If you’re missing your dance class, and don’t feel motivated to dance alone, then might I suggest calling up a dance friend and arranging a dance date with them.  Whose says playdates are just for kids.  Dance dates are a way to get your dance on while visiting with friends.  A/C cooled homes are great to have your dance friend(s) over but so are shaded patios where you can have refreshments ready while you dance outside on the patio.  Whichever venue you choose, there is a lot of dancing to be had.

Make a playlist to dance around to and share it with your friends.  If you are working towards a goal and want some more structured practice on technique or some accountability to just dance, set a time to practice and make a plan of what you’d like to work on for each practice.  Video yourself and save it for either yourself to rewatch and constructively criticize which parts you like and which movements you want stronger.  You can even share the video with fellow dancers, not only for feedback (be clear to them if you want feedback) and/or your friends are your accountability check in.

If you’re still need more dancing than check to see if there are workshops happening near you (hey did you hear about the Amalia Maksoud workshop happening in Ottawa, August 25-26 – check my Upcoming Events & Workshops for information).  And, of course, there are also private and/or semi-private lessons you can request from your local teachers; we may take the summer off from regular classes but we don’t mind to help keep you dancing.

Whatever, you choose, I hope you find and have some dance fun this summer!

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