In Loving Memory of Denise McCulloch (1935-2010)

On December 22, 2010 the world lost a wonderful woman, Denise McCulloch to neuro-endrocrine cancer.  To many she was known as a vivacious, non-stop energetic, generous woman and at sometimes indescribable.  What many may not of known is that she had learnt to belly dance around 2002 and she enjoyed the weekly trip to downtown Ottawa, with her daughter Erika to attend belly dance classes.  A woman in her sixties, at that time, learning to shimmy, do snake arms and dance with a veil or cane, proved that this dance was great for women of an age or shape.  She loved it enough to also purchase an orange hip scarf and show off her moves to friends and family.  Although she attended dance class only for a year, she didn’t forget the moves, when she was treated to a weekend in Toronto and went to the Sultan’s Tent for supper where they have belly dance performances regularly.  In the center of the action Denise got up, when invited, and showed off her moves, bringing smiles to everyone who watched, especially her daughter Erika, who also showed of her moves.  A memorable weekend whose roots reside in a wonderful year of dance and a lifetime of love between mother and daughter.

The event A Midsummer Night’s Dance 2: Shades of Light and Dark celebrated Denise’s life and raised $1025 that has been donated to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation in the area of Neuro-endocrine cancer research.  If you would like donate to the foundation please following the link below:

University Hospitals Kingston Foundation.( – specify neuro-endrocrine cancer research.  Thank you for your support.

2 thoughts on “Memorial

  1. This is a very touching tribute to a woman I still consider a hero. She was generous, giving of herself even when it seemed she could give no more. She connected with the people she met, shared her time as a volunteer and supported her family through good times and bad. I will truly miss her.

    Love you, mom, wherever you are. Bettina


  2. Denise was my mother in Canada! She was merried to my dad and I felt always loved and welcomed by her! And indeed she was the most energetic woman I had ever met! She organized my dates the first time I came back to Canada at the age of 17! And I know that every card and present I have got over the years from my dad were her doing! Love to Denise indeed and she is always in my heart!


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