Ottawa Dancers Blogletter – Back to Classes!

Back to Classes!

At this time of year we often start see advertisements for back to school deals and start to think what kind of classes should I take and/or try this year.  Students and teachers alike start prepping for the upcoming fall classes to begin and dance students/teachers are no different.  For myself, I admit that I like to browse the back to school aisles to find a shiny new notebook I can take to class and/or workshops I attend.  I also prep a binder with notes of what thing I want to teach my students in each session. 

So what if you’ve just been too busy to really think about fall classes or are trying to figure out what type of dance you should take and where.  There are a lot of dance styles to choose from and if I had all the time in the world, I’d probably be trying all of the dance styles I have tried yet, but my love is for belly dance and bollywood so this this blogletter will be slanted towards those dance styles.

Welcome to the New Students!    Welcome back to the Returning Students!

Without students we wouldn’t have the joy of teaching the dance we love.  So for everyone who’ve made the decision that they’re taking a dance class, welcome and thank you in advance.  Here are some important things you need to know:

You Make the Class Happen!

aka. Register Early!

You’ve decided to take a class.  That’s great!  Your class can only happen if you register as early as possible.  Whether it’s a private studio or a class being offered through the City, if there aren’t enough people registered in the class before the first night, the classes are starting to be canceled.  Usually, one week before the first night, the registrar will determine whether or not classes should run, so don’t be disappointed and register early.

Friends are Welcomed!

Some of us are shy to go to a class by ourselves, I get that.  It’s always fun to share a dance moment with a friend, so invite one or two along.  My sister invited me to join her in a belly dance class, my first one, and I was hooked.  Although it wasn’t my sister’s dance, I loved it and have been dancing ever since.  Make it a friend’s night out.  And if your friends aren’t interested in a full session, some classes (like mine), reserve the last night of classes for a “bring a friend to class night” so you can bring a friend to experience what you’ve had a blast doing for a session.  For my classes, the last class is free for your friend.

Drop-ins May Work!

Some locations offer drop-ins for around $15-20 per person or class cards, which may have a further discount.  This can work if you know you can’t commit to a full session.  The only catch with drop-ins is if the class has enough people registered to run.  If the class is running no problems for the drop-ins.

What to Where!

For Bollywood or Belly dance classes you where what you want.  Workout clothes (yoga pants and a t-shirt) work fine.  If you want to where a skirt for belly dance class you’re welcome to.  Really whatever is comfortable to dance in.  As for shoes, again it’s whatever you need to be comfortable.  Bollywood classes typically don’t have props to dance with, but if you’re in my class, I will provide any prop we play with (typically scarves) so you don’t have to buy anything extra.  Belly dance classes you will see hip scarves being worn.  There are some studios that will have hip scarves for sale and some for loan.  As for other props, such as veils, sticks and fingers cymbals, the requirements will depend on what the teacher is teaching that session.  Most often there will be a choice to borrow or purchase a prop. 

Where are the classes?

There are classes being held a few places across Ottawa-Gatineau.  The easiest thing to do is look at my “Dance Map” that shows the locations of the bollywood and belly dance classes, that were sent to me.  I also list the details of the times, teachers and locations here:

Most important thing is to have fun!

Whichever class you decide to join, the most important thing is to have fun.  Dance should be fun and it’s a great way to be active both in mind and body.  I hope you find your dance.

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