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Even Teachers are Students…

As the spring session draws to a close, I often get asked by students or people looking to take classes in the summer time.  Although, I may be teaching for the first time a summer session of Bollywood, most often I don’t teach during the summer. Why?  Well, this is the time where I can take my turn and focus on being a student and take workshops and/or classes with my teachers.  The summer time allows me work on my one personal dance goals as well as gives me time to find new music and work on new combinations and choreographies for the next session.  Summer time also means that most people would prefer to be outside than inside, learning anything, so low enrolment is often the case in the summer so city classes are usually focused more todays day camps and less activities for adults.

So what do you do if you want to learn something this summer?  Here are some suggestions:

Take a look at my website page that shows classes that do continue during the summer.  There isn’t much for Bollywood that gets passed to me currently, regarding classes, but there is the Oasis Studios that does teach belly dance for most of the summer.

Look for workshops being offered locally or somewhere you’d like to travel too.  My upcoming events page does contain some workshops as well as often Facebook will have a sprinkle of workshops being offered. Also, my dance map will show you where class and/or events are happening.

Hire a teacher you want to learn from for some private and/or semi-private lessons.  You can either have them come to your home, if you have space, or arrange a dance space with the teacher.

Hire a teacher for a workshop to come and teach you and some of your friends.  Have a patio party with dance lessons at your home or at friends.

How about trying some online classes with someone like Aziza of Montreal?  If you’re not tech savy but are want to trying an online, ask your tech friend, which most of us have in our circle for help.  I’m sure there are videos on YouTube that could also provide instruction.  I myself, am not tech savy is this area of video conferencing.

Create your own goals and practice what you want to practice.

Go to festivals.  If you’re craving Bollywood there are festivals like The Great Indian Festival that often gives workshops of various Indian dance styles, including Bollywood.

Or…just randomly start dancing when a moves pops into your head or while listening to music.

Have fun and find your dance!

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