Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/07

Road Trip Tips for Dancers! You love dance, your regular class and teacher but you see advertisements for workshops that aren’t necessarily local and are curious to attending a workshop or two.  If you’re like me and like a road trips with a destination goal then workshops are a great way to explore a little… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/07


Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/04/29

Finding Inspiration when life is busy! I enjoyed my time at the Ottawa Souk.  I had a table and a dress rack that sold not only my second hand dance items, I was trying find new homes for, but I was selling dance items of retired and/or retiring dancers.  There were actually a lot of… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/04/29

Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20

Dancing for Good Causes and Supporting Community Events Throughout the year, there will be workshops and shows that happen outside of the dance classes.  Sometimes they will fit within your schedule and budget and sometimes they won’t.  Without your support and participation, when you can, these events can get cancelled and/or the organizer is out… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20