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Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/04/11

Feet, the dancers’ foundation. Tonight I was prepping for my Thursday night Bollywood class by listening to my songs and watching YouTube videos for inspiration and practice, when near the end of my practice my left big toe felt like it got a sliver.  What the heck did I step on in my living room,… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/04/11


Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20

Dancing for Good Causes and Supporting Community Events Throughout the year, there will be workshops and shows that happen outside of the dance classes.  Sometimes they will fit within your schedule and budget and sometimes they won’t.  Without your support and participation, when you can, these events can get cancelled and/or the organizer is out… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20