Ottawa Dancers’ Newsletter

Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/22

Sssshhhh!  Backstage Tips for Dancers Waiting in the Wings. Whether it’s a student show and/or a more professionally focused show dancers, seasoned and new dancers alike are always excited to have the opportunity to dance and show off their hard work and costumes.  Shows are also a time for dancers to meet up with fellow… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/22


Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/13

Dancing with Family! The first time I stepped into a belly dance class, I was with my mom and my sister Bettina.  Bettina's best friend, who was also the teacher at that time, had invited her to class to try but my sister didn't want to go by herself.  She invited my mom and myself… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/05/13

Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20

Dancing for Good Causes and Supporting Community Events Throughout the year, there will be workshops and shows that happen outside of the dance classes.  Sometimes they will fit within your schedule and budget and sometimes they won’t.  Without your support and participation, when you can, these events can get cancelled and/or the organizer is out… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20