Ottawa Dancers’ Newsletter – 2018/01/18

Shimmies keep you warm and Dance Blogs can keep you informed.

Welcome to the start of the blog portion of the Ottawa Dancers’ Newsletter.  The main language of communication will be English; however, there will be some French translations from the awesome people who can write it way better than myself.  Those of you who may already subscribe to the newsletter have already started seeing the change of format.  My plan is really not to inundate everyone with a ton of emails with the same news every week; this is what a website is for, to allow you to check out what doesn’t change frequently but keeps you connected.  When I send out the newsletter and/or even write the blog I’d like it to be short and sweet and highlight some of the dance events, be it classes, workshops, show etc., that are coming up.  Sometimes it’s nice to have the reminder that an event and/or workshops is just around the corner.  So without further ado here are the highlights of dance stuff coming up.

Sunday, January 28 – Belly Dance Workshop with Carina (Studio Oasis Gatineau)

Time: 1-4pm

Price: $60 (cash or cheque payable to Denise Enan)

Location: Dance Oasis – 200, St-Joseph blvd Gatineau (QC) J8Y 3W9 (location can be seen on the Dance Map here)

Description:  Looking to learn a new and unique modern oriental choreography? Save the date because Carina, teacher at the Oasis Studio, will be teaching her own creation. Carina performed this piece at Raks Québec 2017 which awarded her first place and People’s Choice in the semi-professional category. This workshop is recommended for intermediate to advanced students.

You’ll be convinced seeing a video of the choreography!
Click here:

Note: Only the full payment guarantees your participation.

If you have not done so already, please contact Denise (819-776-5033 / 819-962-2645 / or ask your teacher to register.

See you on the dancefloor!

Sunday, April 22 –  Ottawa Souk

The Ottawa Souk is a shopping and socializing event focused on accessorizing and connecting dancers with costumes, music, teachers etc.  The organizers of the event (Jocelyne and Lisa-Marie) are hard at work trying to bring in businesses that cater to both Belly dance and bollywood style dances, but if you are a dancer that wants to clean our your closet so you can bring new goodies in, tables are available.  If you don’t think you have too much to sell but would like to try and sell you items, you can always share the cost of a table with a friend and have a fun filled day of shiny shopping.  If you’re interested in getting a table or knowing more about the Souk check out their site here.

Saturday & Sunday May 5-6, 2018

Ottawa vs Toronto – Two locations, two different events going on, but both are what continue to connect dancers.

Ottawa welcomes back Nada El-Masriya (owner of Egyptian Dance Academy) to teach two workshops over the weekend.  She will be teaching the fine difference between oriental style and folkloric style on Saturday and then Baladi (folkloric) on Sunday.  Details are here, and although the first price deal date has passed for the workshop the prices for the weekend is still very budget friendly.

Meanwhile in Toronto, the Blossom Festival is happening.  It’s an offshoot or a seed that grew out of the International Belly Dance Conference that is organized by Yasmina Ramzy (owner of Arabeque).  It offers workshops, discussion panels and another great opportunity to connect with dancers, locally and beyond.

Depending on your budget and what you are focused on for your dance, both events are worth thinking about.

Shimmies keep you warm!

Classes have started but some teachers and locations may still have room if you need to shake the winter blues and have some fun.  If a class doesn’t fit your schedule currently, there are online course available by some teachers, you can have a teacher come teach you at home (ladies’ afternoon/evening in always works) and/or if you know some moves, just use those to play with.  I like to shimmy to keep warm.  Happy dancing!

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