Welcome to 2020 – Back to the Basics

It’s been a new year for the last five days and many people are well under way at working on their resolutions or goals they have for 2020.  When that clock struck midnight many believe that we get to reset the clock and believe that anything can happen this year; always hoping for the best.

Life doesn’t automatically switch to being better when the new year begins, but it’s always been a global moment which the majority of people in the world reflect on the previous year and make new goals for the new year.

I entered 2020 with no resolutions set in stone as I focused on relaxing and spending time at home, mostly offline, with my husband and new fur baby. We adopted a two year old stray just before Christmas and her new is Nala; a tortoise shell tabby. Depending on the website her name can mean ‘successful’ but I associate her name to the lioness, that was the friend and later mate to Simba from Disney’s The Lion King film. The character is strong and confident and this something our cat Nala definitely exhibits by coming up to us when she wants something. So why do I talk about this new furry friend? It is in the people, creatures and environment we live in that often makes us ponder and reflect on where we are and where we want to be. Nala reminds me that if I want something, no matter what it is, I should express what I want and go after it.

Really, I get that all out of observing my cat and the her name? Simply yes! I inherited my father’s thought process where the simplest of things can trigger inspiration and contemplation. I am very fortunate to have opportunities to think about all the things I’d like to do and if I actually focused and made time for them, would do. Yet at the same time it is also a reminder that sometimes you just have to keep things simple and go back to the basics. There are some things I know I don’t want to live without and some things I need to change and/or let go.

Dance is one of those things I don’t want to let go. In fact it is one of the main things I reflect on at the start of every new year. 2019 was the year I decided I wanted to do a competition and with guidance, coaching and support I accomplished not only that goal but placed third in the only competition I did in 2019. Would I like to do another competition? Yes, but I’m not setting it as one of my goals for 2020. I want to take the constructive feedback I got and really work on improving myself as a dance. Truth be told, I felt as if I slacked off as a teacher because I was so focused on the competition. My students’ still received quality content but not my usual heart felt content I typically provide. I struggled with weight gain, hormonal changes and poor diet in 2019 as well as I sought after and successfully switched day job positions. All these changes interfered with my connection to my students and dance and of which helps bring into focus what goals I want for myself in dance for 2020.

2020 is the year I’m returning to my basics; I want to work on being a better teacher, record the knowledge I’ve obtained thus far as a dancer more consistently and improve my health. Does this mean I stop working on becoming a better dancer? No. It means I plan on creating a well rounded outline to teach dance from and create a  dance journal of moves, combinations, choreographies and cultural references intertwined with the dances I love. It will not be perfect nor inclusive, but I will strive to share my knowledge in a fun and welcoming manner.

Dance is where we can explore and share cultures as well as explore how our body moves and how we feel when we dance. We can create stories from those movements and inner feelings and/or we can reflect the stories some songs represent. Dance is something that connect us to each other as well as to ourselves and I want to revisit those connections and foster them to grow strong, confident and healthy. If I can do that for my students and myself, then my dance goal for 2020 will have been met.

Wishing you all the best for 2020. May you find your inner dancer and let her shine this year!

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