Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter 2018/01/28

Make a little time for yourself – Take time for Dance

I have a full-time job that can be very demanding of my time.  I’m lucky, that I like what I do and I have the opportunity to learn and grow with it as required.  I’m also lucky that I work with people I like, even when we can annoy each other from time to time; they’re kind of an extended family.  This month and the next few months are going to be very busy for me and I’ve already worked some long days and weekends to keep up with my workload.  So where does this leave my dance?  Well, I’m fortunate to have my Monday classes at Shenkman Arts Centres (Belly dance and Bollywood) running and I’m thankful to Kuljit to let me continue to substitute teach for his Thursday classes at Hintonburg Community Centre (Bollywood) that ensure I take a break for dance.  Also, there are workshops, that pop up, that I decide whether or not I want to take or events that get me out to dance.  Today, I get to be a student and learn from a talented and lovely dancer named Carina.  She’s been dancing since she was a kid and it’s been a wonder to see her grow into an adult and see where her dance takes her.  I’m looking forward to 3 hours of not thinking about work deadlines, groceries, house cleaning or any of the regular “To do” stuff and just dancing. 

Another event coming up this Friday, February 2, that I’m really going to try and make this time, is the Shimmy Shanga.  It’s a ladies only event for the dance community.  Yes there is a charge to enter and just dance however you want but that $10 helps to pay for the space and assurance that you’re not going to be suddenly dirty dancing by a stranger on the dance floor, because it is a ladies only event.

What happens after this week for dance?  Well I do sneak in the odd shimmy or vertical hip circle while I’m brushing my teeth or waiting standing up from the desk to stretch at work.  If you are looking for another dance class, well Zamira (Gailene) has a new session starting on Wednesday, February 7 and continuing until February 28 (details below)

Belly Dance Level 1 with Zamira (Gailene)

February 7-28 (Wednesdays) – 8pm-9pm (20:00-21:00)

Price:  $44.75 code 1108737

Location:  35 Stafford Road, Bells Corners


Or contact Nepean Creative Arts Centre – 613-596-5783

For more information:

And Tracy of Tribal Fluid’s classes going as well; they just started last week.

Location: McNabb Community Centre – 180 Percy St.

Hours of event : 6:30 – 7:30pm

Cost: 10 week semester – $130.00
email for more information :

Classes run by Anna and Safiya, Oasis Studios, Duniya Studios also allow drop-ins for their classes, so if you aren’t able to commit to a full session, contact them to see their rates for a drop-in class as well as to check if their classes are running.  On average a drop-in class rate is about $20.  So make time for yourself and find and let your inner dance shine!

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