What the summer is over? But there’s so much dancing still to do!

The summer was dry, hot and a blur of all the various activities and dance festivals I had the honour to be a part along with fellow dancers.  Some of the festivals Bollywood for Fun had to juggle dancers in between, such as the Festival of India and the South Asian Festival; luckily we have grown and had enough dancers to be featured at both places at the same time.  One of the dance things I very much enjoyed this past summer was teaching privates to two dancers, conduct workshop at both the high school and elementary levels as well as be part of two weddings as a performer and coordinator for the entrance of the bride and groom.  It was definitely a memorable summer and one of a lot of thinking of where do I want to take my dancing to next.  Just before my annual Aziza Dream Camp outing I passed on my Wednesday night classes to my good friend and fellow dancer Farasha.  I’ve come to the decision that although I love my regular students and I love spreading the joy of dance I feel that I want to try a new approach in how I teach.  We so often hear that life is about balancing, work and personal life but really life is a continuous fluctuation because we learn and grow through our experience.  Balance is perhaps more about managing out time effectively so we can enjoy the little things in between our daily responsibilities.  So what does this mean for my dancing?  I’m not stopping…there is definitely more dancing to be done I’m just in the planning stages of the road map of where I’m going….it’s going to be an interesting journey and I look forward to it.  The first stop is the Queen of the Nile competition in Montreal this November.  I’m excited for this challenge and I’m excited to see how I will grow this year as a dancer.  May dance be with you!

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