Two dance loves – finding the balance

Over three years ago my dance life changed.  After an email from my good dance friend Halyma, I was thrust into the world of Bollywood dance.  A small group of us studied and prepared in the span of two weeks a small collection of choreographies of Bollywood styled dances as well as prepared to teach a large crowd (300-400 people) Bollywood dance.  This whirlwind challenge has now turned into a second love for a different style of dance.  My first love is belly dance or oriental dance which is my inner journey as it often reflects the sensual, sassy and passionate flow of life.  My second love is Bollywood dance which is my outer of journey of adventure and social interaction with various people and cultures.  The challenge is, like everything in life, is finding a balance between the things we love.  It is difficult to do everything at the exact same time.  One thing has to give so the other can be exercised but this doesn’t have to be permanent.  Like water coming into the shore it caresses the shore and then returns out to the deeper body of water.  Water  ebbs and flows and similarly so does life.  It is important to recognize this and not worry so much about being able to do everything all at once.  Planning which dance to play with today is not so much a challenge if you decide which one to start.  You can always change it tomorrow.  What’s important is that you take the time to dance and express yourself in it.  Find a song and just dance.

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