Don’t hibernate…Dance!

It’s that time of the year where the dark skies and colder weather makes you want to hibernate or stay indoors by a warm fire.  There are times where just reflecting about all the adventures, the happy moments or the challenges of the year is warranted and I stop to think about so many things.  I have had some personal triumphs and some personal lows this year but one thing that has been constant has been my love of dance.  I’ve been blessed with being part of Bollywood for Fun and experiencing new festivals that request us to perform for them.  I have enjoyed going to two Aziza Dream Camps and have made many new and dear friends with whom I hope to keep in contact with.  I have created three choreographies that were performed by my students at the end of the class party hosted by my dear friend Halyma (who also made a fabulous costume for me this year).  I was very proud of my students who worked hard of choreographies that challenged their abilities but I always knew they could do it.

So now that the parties are done what is left but to reflect and plan on the new year of dance.  What goals do I want to accomplish with my little dance company Eurika Dance?  What goals do I want to accomplish as a dancer?  One thing I know I definitely want to create more choreographies for both Bollywood and Belly dance styles.  Another is to focus on my favourite prop (silk veil) and share my love for it.  I am grateful that I have a silk veil goddess (Shirbori Borealis) who creates such wonderful pieces of art (two of which hang in my house) and whose veils I can’t seem to stop buying which stretches my budget to the edge.  But the beauty and flow of the dance is extended into these beauties so I’m not just waving fabric around; it’s the dance partner for a soloist for a dance that continues to grow, expand and I’ll forever be grateful for being part of my life.

I don’t plan to hibernate.  I plan to dance! 🙂

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