A Midsummer Night’s Dance 2: Shades of Light & Dark

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, my dance company, Eurika Dance, will be hosting A Midsummer Night’s Dance 2, an evening of dance showcasing a variety of styles of belly dance by local professionals as well as special guest Zafirah of Montreal.  (See upcoming performances for ticket purchase details)

For this second year that I am producing this show, I am seeking sponsorship so that the proceeds will be donated to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation.(http://www.uhkf.ca/giving/donors), specifically for neuroendocrine cancer research.

What is neuroendocrine cancer? Neuroendocrine cancer is a  very rare form a cancer that attacks the endocrine and nervous system.  I have chosen to donate to this cancer research in loving memory of my mother, Denise McCulloch who lost her battle with the disease December 22, 2010.  My mother and I started belly dancing together in 2002 and holding this year’s event in her memory will be a meanigful way to celebrate her extraordinary life.


Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc.http://www.cget.ca/2010/index.php (GOLD PLUS Sponsor)

TAV Creations http://www.tav-creations.com/ (GOLD Sponsor)

Brenda’s Esthetics http://brendasroom.com/ (SILVER SPONSOR)

Topkapi Restaurant http://www.topkapirestaurant.ca/ (SILVER SPONSOR)

Andrea Mills & Sylvie Girard (SILVER SPONSORS)

Jehan Khan (FRIENDS OF DANCE SPONSOR) http://www.orientaldance.ca

Taroub (FRIENDS OF DANCE SPONSOR) http://www.taroubdance.com












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