Welcome to Eurika Dance!

The Leaves are Changing but the Dance Goes On…

As the days grow shorter what better way to shake off the darkness than dancing.  Whether you join a class, practice at home or while waiting for a ride, turning on some music that moves you is a great way to keep happy and warm.  This fall looks like it will be another busy dance season for shows and workshops.  Where will you be to celebrate Halloween?  Perhaps at a Belly dance show to find out what Belly dancers choose to dress up and dance to celebrate the candy filled holiday!  Check my “Upcoming Performances” for details.

Our next event

New workshops and shows are always under construction so check often to see what may be coming up.

For live performances check out “Upcoming Performances” for details.

Dancing for Causes

When natural disasters or hard times fall on communities, being able to be part of a solution or aid to help people get back on their feet feels like you can make a little bit of a difference.  Dancing for Charity events is a wonderful experience because it feels like you are able to bring a little joy into situations of sadness and hardship.

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