Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter

Ottawa Dancers Blogletter – Back to Classes!

Back to Classes! At this time of year we often start see advertisements for back to school deals and start to think what kind of classes should I take and/or try this year.  Students and teachers alike start prepping for the upcoming fall classes to begin and dance students/teachers are no different.  For myself, I… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers Blogletter – Back to Classes!

Get your Dance on!

The summer is in full swing and although there are fewer classes happening around town during the summer, it doesn't mean that the dancing stops.  If you're missing your dance class, and don't feel motivated to dance alone, then might I suggest calling up a dance friend and arranging a dance date with them.  Whose… Continue reading Get your Dance on!

Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20

Dancing for Good Causes and Supporting Community Events Throughout the year, there will be workshops and shows that happen outside of the dance classes.  Sometimes they will fit within your schedule and budget and sometimes they won’t.  Without your support and participation, when you can, these events can get cancelled and/or the organizer is out… Continue reading Ottawa Dancers’ Blogletter – 2018/03/20